About me
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Slovak designer and lecturer Maria Stranekova, alias mayamay, has been active on local and international fashion scene since 2005. She is a regular participant of exhibitions, particularly fashion shows presenting sophisticated and unique design based on ideas such as sustainability, tradition, innovation and the mutual relation between fashion art and design. In her work she fully use the potential of an interdisciplinary collaboration with designer artists and studios. Mostly minimalist garments are not only functional and visually attractive, but also contain a philosophical approach - message on tag called “Life care instruction” which not describe advice how to take care about your clothes but about your life, which is most important from all. Professional experiences she gained at foreign student placement, exchanges and workshops (Alexander Mc-Queen, Preen, London). She is a holder of various awards and main prizes (Top Styl Designer 2007, Brillance Fashion Talent 2009, Rings on Water 2010) and an active member of expert committees and international juries. Her work been recently presented at Central European Fashion Days Budapest, Designblok Prague, Vancouver fashion week, International Fashion Showcase London and New York. Currently working like designer, stylist and lecturer at MOD'SPE Paris Central Europe and Tomas Bata University in Zlín. Mail me   Curriculum Vitae